You may wonder what exactly is Spiritual Fitness.  Well, for me, until you have truly tapped into your spiritual connection and your purpose for being here, life can seem pretty overwhelming and random.  Since I began meditating on a regular basis and working on my own enlightenment and growth, I see a big difference on the overall quality of my life.

I’ve been evolving so much with my exercise and fitness by incorporating more healing work into my daily routine to achieve optimum health and wellbeing.  Getting older, you must take so many more things into consideration than just hitting the gym to burn those calories and be able to fit into those jeans.  It is so much more than the aesthetic.  It is about your spiritual health and getting emotionally fit, as well as physically fit.  It also means taking that extra time to warm up thoroughly and stretch and heal after exercise using deep breath work.

I’m so very passionate about helping you to achieve the proper balance of mind, body and spirit.  It truly is never too late to turn things around and live your best life!

Spiritual Fitness to me includes:

Mobility Drills pre workout.  These drills are in my “Total Body Solution” program and address any limitation you may have with your low back, your neck, shoulders, knees and core.  They are very easy to follow, only take about 15 minutes and will help you to increase mobility, muscular endurance and improve joint health.  I also posted my Body Insurance Warm up videos on my site to further warm up and prepare your body for exercise.

Yoga Postures and flows to thoroughly warm up the body and prepare you sufficiently for any exercise program.  Yoga also provides the proper oxygen to your muscles and organs, while strengthening your muscles, your bones, all the while helping to calm your nervous center and relax your mind.  It is truly medicine for your body and will put you into the present moment and become more spiritually aware.

Cardio exercise is imperative to get the heart rate up to strengthen your heart and lungs.  It is also so important to get the blood pumping and get you sweating to release those endorphins, release toxins in the body, burn fat and calories, while boosting your metabolism giving you incredible energy to be more productive with your day.  It is a major stress reducer as well and puts you into a happier, more positive frame of mind to better deal with conflicts and problems that might arise.

Resistance Training is crucial not only to strengthen your muscles, but also your bones while creating endurance and giving you nice shape and definition.

Stretching after you finish exercising is essential to promote flexibility, increase mobility, reduce stiffness and soreness and prevent injury.

Breathing Exercises are also essential to get the proper oxygen into your brain, to harmonize your nervous system, reduce stress and calm your body and mind.

Meditation is my saving grace, and I truly believe the most important aspect of my day.  Not only is it important to re-connect to your higher self, but to let go of all distractions and mind chatter and allow creativity and ideas flow through you.  All you really need to do is focus on your breath and repeat a mantra if you like.  A few examples are saying “Release on the inhale, and Relax on the exhale”,  or “I Surrender”,  or “Breathe in, Breathe out.”

Create an intention before you begin and then just simply surrender!

Proper Nutrition is also important to Spiritual Fitness.  Why?  Because if you are out of integrity with your body and not showing it the proper respect by eating healthy, you will tend to beat yourself up, feel out of control, and most likely suffer from low self esteem.  How can you feel connected to your higher being and purpose if you are putting all that negative energy into your life?  I would suggest practicing  “mindful eating”.  To get lean and stay that way you must use PORTION CONTROL and eat 5 to 6  mini-meals through the day.  This will help to boost your metabolism and your body will digest everything properly never storing excess calories as fat.

Communing with Nature is another huge component of Spiritual Fitness.  It is so important to get outdoors, get connected and take in your surroundings.  Nature is very healing and can be very grounding.

Volunteer and give back.  This is so good for the soul! After all, aren’t we all just here to help one another and show compassion?

Hobbies and creative interests are also vital to overall happiness and wellbeing.  Get passionate about something and pursue it.  Get involved in your life!  For me, that means singing and dancing.  Nothing fuels my soul and makes me happier than music!

Journaling can also be such an important tool to get your mind clear, focused and positive.  Try to always come from a place of gratitude and express that dailyJ

Lastly, I highly recommend repeating Positive Affirmations daily as another way to re-program your mind from all that negativity that bogs us down.   Be grateful and focus on what you want to create in your life instead of on all of the things that make you unhappy.  Remember the power of our thoughts and our words.   REMEMBER THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

Have a beautiful day and make a conscious decision to CHOOSE HAPPINESS!