South Africa Update 4

South Africa Update 4

Monday the 23rd.

Despite the rain and thunder and lightning storms today, we shot our last classroom video at Melkoutfontein in Stilbaai just minutes from the Dreamcatcher Office.

Ricardo shot my intro and outro for the entire video before we set up for the exercise.  We managed to get that in  before the rain started:)  Everything is in bloom here, and being so close to the sea it is extremely damp.  Because of that, everyone is getting hay-fever!

The girls, as always, were eager and excited to participate.  This was a very important shoot, as we needed to showcase that even with all the desks in the classroom, they could still manage to do the exercise routine.  I just loved how they all embraced the moves wholeheartedly with big smiles on their faces.   I definitely got my “sweat on”!

We got amazing pics and I can’t wait to share them all with you.