South Africa Update 3

South Africa Update 3

Saturday, the 21st.

Today proved to be a very long, but rewarding day!

Got up at 5:30 am for our beach shoot, but the weather said otherwise. First day of heavy rain here, which was much needed.  So, we sat and waited for it to clear, which was about 1:00.  It was steamy hot, but the kids and the Kamammas were still very excited about the exercise routine on the beach (Living 5k away from the beach and little access to transport, there visits to the beach are only facilitated by Dreamcatcher approximately once every two months.  They loved getting back to the sea and sand).   I gave instruction, and then we launched in.  It was so amazing to be there with them on this gorgeous beach, and I felt very calm and centered.

The mature Kamammas did so well and embraced it completely.  It felt so validating to know that Anthea and her vision for them was so accurate. They loved it!  Folk here live in small houses with no access to exercise, except in their daily chores.  So, the reasoning behind this unique routine became more and more clear and evident to me:  It was a way to get rid of excess energy, stress and pressures of daily life in the confines of their community.

One of the best moments was after the shoot, when we were all just standing around waiting to leave.  I began stretching and doing more yoga poses, and the little one’s, who don’t speak any English, just followed me, mimicking my every move.  I got a wonderful photo of all them in prayer position and got them to all say together NAMASTE!  I will be posting those pictures on Dreamcatchers website as soon as I get back to the States and linking it to my own.

Headed to a wonderful little restaurant with views of the magnificent Indian Ocean for lunch and a cool down from the heat.  From there, it was back to the Dreamcatcher office for a rest.  Anthea and Ricardo headed out to capture the Sunset, and Henna and I stayed back.  Some of the kids came around again while the Kamammas cooked up our dinner.  They were so very adorable all fighting to play with my hair and give me some really funny and fashionable hairdos:)  I played music and we all danced and sang, and can they dance!!!  Poppy, who is a bit older, sang along and has such a beautiful voice.  Simple joy!  Later, when Anthea and Ricardo got back, even the Kamammas joined in on the dance.  All of us together bonding so many different cultures.

There are no words how my heart felt in that moment. The hardships that these women go through on a daily basis and the lives they lead, yet they have more joy and happiness to give then people who everything in life they could ever hope or ask for. Though representing various cultures, the common denominator is the thread running like a golden arrow through the Kamammas and kids is, that as committed Dreamcatchers, they are focused on a better future and the spirit of Ubuntu, which I am now learning about, binds them. (Ubuntu – I am who I am through my association with others).

We then got a great shot of the Kamammas serving the home made bread to the children.  After, we all sat down for dinner together to enjoy the wonderful meal of chicken, salad and bread they prepared.

I had the best night’s sleep and woke to a beautiful sunny, warm and quiet day here at the office.  Henna and I plan to go into town for a bit and then back to the office to shoot my interview with Anthea on how this trip has affected me.