South Africa Update 2

South Africa Update 2

Hi Everybody!

I am not really sure where I left off, so I will just start here…

While I’ve been here it has been the moon’s most unique experience in S. Africa.  It is when the pairing of the Solstice and Equinox down the most Southern tip of S. Africa occurs.  This only happens every 184/185 years according to the Lunar year.  It will send 12 different colors of beams around the moon.  Because the mountains are so high here, we didn’t get a chance to get a glimpse.

I am now at the Dreamcatchers Home office in Stilbaai, which is one of the top vacation spots for so many as it is not only rich with beauty, but with it’s natural healing plants, herbs, and fruits sought out world wide. The office itself is located in the bush.  There were baboons and porcupines outside the office this morning and a little crab walking around in the inside. Got my heart jump started for sure!  The office is 10 minutes from the sea where we were scheduled to shoot outside today with the kids and Kamammas.  Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating as it is pouring rain.  We are hoping to still make it happen later this afternoon.  Isn’t stopping the kids from singing, playing and having a joyous time.  This is such an experience for them!

Last night I saw one of the most amazing sunsets ever.  We made a simple meal at Ricardo’s little place by the sea, and then enjoyed music and danced outside on his balcony.  So nice to see the waves crashing again.

I am reflecting on our second shoot at Kairos High School in Heidelberg. What strikes me the most is how happy, polite and excited they were despite how little they have. I really enjoyed watching the boys trying to peak into the classroom curious to check out the shoot and feeling a bit left out.  The classroom was small and there were 20 girls ranging from 13-18 all dressed in the bright colors of the African flag.  Once again, they were so attentive and did an amazing job!  At one point they were clapping so loudly during the video shoot, I couldn’t hear the music.  It felt so wonderful to know that they were truly embracing the routine I developed and so happy to be part of it.  After we finished shooting, I got them all singing together again “I’m All About That Bass”.  It’s obviously a favorite here:)  They sang so beautifully and in unison together.  I must try and get that on video.  I even had all the little kids hanging around the office yesterday singing it:)  So adorable to see their faces light up watching me dance around like a crazy person singing it as loudly as I could. Dreamcatchers is such a haven for so many kids at high risk.  Their school is within walking distance, so many of them come over to have their lunch or to hangout.  The church is also close by and we watched all of them walking back and forth to school yesterday in the blazing hot sun.

I cannot begin to address all the wonderful things that Anthea and Dreamcatchers are doing for this Country.  She has so many fantastic ideas to help create a better life and future for these children, and is so very passionate about her work.  She is also like a living/walking encyclopedia and certainly better than any google search engine.  I feel very honored to be her guest and to help be a part of this project to empower these young girls and women here.

Ricardo and Anthea did an extraordinary job, and I felt such a sense of team work for our accomplishment.

That’s all for now.  Going to rest up a bit for next shoot!