I did it!  I had been talking about moving from Los Angeles for several years, and I finally gathered the courage to sell my place and take the leap of faith to re-locate and start a brand new chapter in my life!

Being from Wisconsin, I not only missed the change of seasons, but I yearned for a simpler life far from the traffic and the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Having my Sister, Judy, living in Denver was a huge bonus, because I missed being close to family.

So, I had everything packed up, plopped Barney in his car seat and embarked on my road trip the end of September.  Our first stop was the Grand Canyon, as I had never been before!  Barney and I loved it!  I couldn’t believe the majesty and how breathtaking it was.  Next, we stopped off in Scottsdale, AZ, to visit an old friend of mine.  What I didn’t bargain for was those long driving stretches in between my destinations.  Barney was a trooper, but my poor bootie was cramping up big time!

Our last stop was Santa Fe, which I absolutely loved.  I decided to take 3 days there to chill, relax a little and prepare for my new beginning in Colorado.

I arrived on a rainy Friday in rush hour traffic and landed at the little house I was renting in the West Highlands.  Guess I should have flown out to see it first, as it was definitely not what I expected from seeing the pictures.  I did have a friend who had moved there before me to go over and take a look, and she gave it big thumbs up because of the charm and the area it was in.  The house was built in the 1,800’s and had a beautiful exposed brick wall and metal like industrial staircase leading up to the bedroom.  The landlord completely gutted, renovated and put new plumbing and appliances in the house.  However, because of how old the home was, it was very narrow, cramped and had no dining area and limited closet space. On top of that, it was on a very busy street smashed in between the other houses, so not only did I feel I didn’t have privacy leaving the front blinds open, but the office had a view of a brick wall!  Needless to say, I panicked when I first arrived so I immediately decided to re-negotiate my lease.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying the gorgeous Fall season and was blown away at the color and the majesty of the mountains!  It took me over a month to really feel settled in.  The place was super cozy, and I loved being able to walk down the street to Orange Theory Fitness, Core Power Yoga, and some great restaurants and shops.

Then Winter arrived!  I forgot how it felt to have to layer it up to go outside.  Walking Barney in the snow was my biggest challenge, as his little paws would freeze up, and he would literally just collapse on the street and shiver.  I felt horrible!  I tried to get those little booties on him, but he wasn’t having it.  So, I did discover the salve that I could rub on his little paw pads to prevent the burn from the ice and snow.  Little did I know, that out of all the challenges I faced with this huge re-location, keeping Barney clean would be the most difficultJ

I did enjoy waking up to a winter wonderland and especially loved having a snow covered Christmas.  It had been a very long time for me, and made me feel very nostalgic.  Went to see the festival of lights with my Sis and niece at the Botanical Gardens, which was absolutely breathtaking!

During the first few months, I was very busy trying to get things rolling here in Denver with my career.  I got a new agent, The Donna Baldwin Agency, who represents me for hosting, commercials, print and voiceovers.   I also did a radio show with Greg Giesen, which was so much fun.  I held a special event/class at The Kompound facility (owned by a Beachbody coach) targeting beginners, overweight people, baby boomers and people who have slight limitations.  The class was a big success, and I hope to teach more classes in the future.   One of the best things about being a Celebrity Trainer with Beachbody, is that I can go to any city and immediately make new friends because of the wonderful Team Beachbody Coach Community!

March 1st,I moved again into a lovely duplex in a fantastic neighborhood.  It is just minutes from the largest park here in Denver, Washington Park.  Now that Spring has arrived, Barney and I are enjoying taking long walks or taking a spin on my bike to enjoy the warm weather.  I am right around the corner from the best sushi restaurant in town and the Farmers Market starts early May.  It will be so wonderful to be able to just walk out my front door and get my fresh produce!  Heaven!

Everything is so close here in Denver, by the way.  Downtown is just 10 minutes, as well as North Cherry Creek.  People are so friendly here, and although I am in a city, it feels like a very small town.

Now that my new website has launched, I am hoping to attract more customers to share my webisodes and blogs with, as well as have the opportunity to conduct private/personal consults with people!   So make sure you spread the word!!

Please contact me and share your ideas for future webisodes and feel free to send me questions on topics you would like me to cover in my blogs.

Have a wonderful day and CHOOSE HAPPINESS!