Since a few of you have requested what my daily routine is, I thought I would share it with you.  I believe that it is very important to have as many daily positive disciplines as possible to help you lead a happier, healthier and stress free life.  When I stick to my routine, I find I handle conflicts and problems much better.  I also am more calm, focused and more capable of staying productive and in the present moment.

I realize that many people are far too busy to incorporate all of my disciplines into their lives on a daily basis, but if you can just begin with one or two, you will still reap the positive rewards of your actions.

Now, please understand I don’t always incorporate every single thing into my daily or weekly schedule either.   However, I try my very best to be as consistent as possible, because I see the difference it makes in my own life.


I know I have already shared in a previous blog I wrote that I drink my room temperature, alkaline lemon water first thing in the morning.  I walk my dog, Barney, right after because you need to wait 20 minutes before putting anything else into your body.  When I get back, I mix my green drink.  I recommend either going online or getting the book “Green For Life” for recipes.

After that is when I do my morning meditation.  I simply sit with my legs crossed on my Back Jack Chair (ordered it online on Amazon).  To prepare, I usually do about 5 to 10 cleansing breaths.  I draw as much breath as I can into my belly, then expand up through my chest and rib cage, through my nose. I then hold for a few seconds, and then release very slowly through my nose, until all the air is expelled.  I pause for a few beats before I take my next breath.

If you are a person who has a more difficult time quieting your mind, I recommend getting Dr. Weil’s breathing CD.  He takes you through many different breathing exercises.  By the time you are done, you have calmed your nervous system, released tension and anxiety, and are ready to relax and go into your meditation.

To then prepare for meditation, I close my eyes and gaze into the third eye located in between your eyebrows.  I then like to repeat a word while simply focusing on my breath.  A few examples are “RELEASE, RELAX”, “SURRENDER”, “BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT”.  If my mind wanders to thoughts or my to-do list or other “mind chatter”, I simply repeat my word(s) and come back to my breath.  Soon, I am in a deep meditation, and it is really hard to come out of it sometimes because I feel so amazing and relaxed.

If you want, you can always set an alarm for 15-20 minutes so your mind isn’t focused on the time.  This way, you can let go of all distractions and be fully present.

The rewards of doing a daily meditation are numerous.  You not only tap into your higher self, but you are able to make decisions better, and have a more positive dialogue with yourself, and you will be kinder and more compassionate with people.  Not to mention, that when you are in a deep meditation, ideas come to you more freely.  It’s a good idea to set an intention before you begin and then surrender to whatever comes up!

After I finish my meditation, I will have my breakfast.  Usually I mix one of my favorite smoothies, which I included in my “Daily Diet” blog.

I wait at least 30 minutes, and then I do my workout.  I really like to switch it up.  Especially, in the Summer when the weather is so nice.  I’ve been hitting the park lately.  I either go bike riding and follow it up with a full body workout using my resistance bands and/or light to medium weights.  Or, I go for a long power walk and incorporate stations when I see a bench.  That way, I break it up, and the time goes super fast.  I follow up that routine with my core/plank workout and stretch routine on the grass.  It is heaven!  I did post one of my “Workouts in the Park” on my site so you can get ideas for yourselfJ   If the weather isn’t great, I usually will workout on my elliptical machine for 60 minutes and then again do my full body workout using light resistance.  I always end my exercise with a 30-45 minute full body stretch to restore, relax and repair my body.


After I exercise, I wait about 30 minutes before having my lunch.  Most days, I have my veggie salad that I absolutely love.  I posted other options on my blog “My Daily Diet.”

Then, it is time for me to do some work!!  I work from home, so I am usually on the computer posting stuff, answering e-mails, writing blogs, shooting videos for my site and for YouTube, as well as dong research for projects I am working on.  I also make a lot of calls for networking purposes and to drum up work opportunities for myself.  It’s important to take at least one action every day towards your goals, which leads to me to other daily disciplines I try to do.