I seriously remember like it was just yesterday.  I was only about 17 years old sitting on the couch with my boyfriend at that time, and he reached over and squeezed my thigh.  To my horror, there was this cottage cheese like skin!  What the heck???

Then, as I began further abusing my body by being a compulsive and binge eater eating blocks of Colby cheese and bags of Chips A’ Hoy Cookies, pints of ice cream and ½ jar of Peanut Butter in one sitting, the situation got out of controlL.    I didn’t realize at the time that I was truly disrupting my digestive and circulatory system by putting such a heavy burden on my body.  All I thought about was that I was gaining weight and getting fat.  I had absolutely no awareness of the long term damage I was doing to my poor body.

The hard cold fact about cellulite is that once you have it, it is almost impossible to get rid of.  Believe me, as I got older and lost the weight, I tried every single treatment known to man spending thousands of dollars in the process.  First, I just tried working out with heavier weights to firm up the skin so the appearance would improve.   I ended up just getting very bulky.  So, even though the appearance was a bit better, I didn’t like how thick I looked and it didn’t make enough of a difference to make me happy.   At that point, I was literally obsessed, and determined to get rid of it.  I bought every book I could on the subject and started changing my diet drastically.  I also did the crazy self-massage beating up my legs trying to break up these bumpy pockets and to create more circulation.  Maybe if I had truly stuck to that anti-cellulite diet for more than a few weeks, I would have seen a bigger difference.  But for me, it was impossible to adhere to.  I bought various cellulite creams, which didn’t do a darn thing.

Then, I decided I needed to get serious.   I had several mesotherapy treaments, body wraps where I walked around like a mummy, laser therapy, and even had injections into the affected areas, which caused major bruising.  It seemed to look better for a week, but then it was back with a vengeance!

As I got older, no matter how fit or lean I got, the cellulite was there to stay.  It has been a sobering experience and one of the most frustrating situations in my life.  How could I be called a fitness expert and celebrity trainer if I had so much cellulite???  It just proves that it doesn’t matter if you are skinny, fat, fit, young or old, not many women can escape the curse of cellulite.  It really is no fun when you get older and your skin isn’t as elastic as when you were young and the cellulite starts to get even worse.  It has truly been the bane of my existence!  I will never ever wear shorts, a short dress or skirt….and forget about getting into a bathing suit in public.  If you notice in all of my exercise videos I am only wearing long workout tights.

That leads me to a story that was possibly one of the most anxiety filled experiences of my life.  It was one of the first ever Beachbody Success trips to Hawaii.  Tony and I were invited to go along with 15 customers who had achieved the top transformations of the year.  We were going to be teaching classes, going kayaking, hiking, outrigger canoeing and surfing!  All I could think about was how I was going to get in front of all of these amazing customers in my bathing suit?  I feared judgment and criticism, as I was put on this pedestal in the fitness role as being “perfect”.  I knew I could never have lived up to that.  I was just a normal gal who loved exercise, training and helping people to achieve their fitness goals.

On the flight over, I was having heart palpitations!  I got through the first few days ok, even though I felt ridiculous wearing long exercise leggings in that crazy heat teaching class outside and going hiking.  Since I didn’t bring shorts with me, when it was time to go kayaking, a gal let me borrow a pair of hers.  I felt all eyes on me, and I just knew they were staring at my cellulite!  I felt so embarrassed and mortified.  I couldn’t truly be present or enjoy the experience because of how self-conscious I wasL.  We then kayaked to a fantastic spot where we hiked to this gorgeous waterfall.  Everyone got under it in their bathing suits, except for me.

The worst moment for me was when it was time to go surfing.  I had to be in my bathing suit in front of everyone!  I tried my best to just surrender and not think about my cellulite, but I couldn’t.

When we all got together one evening in our circle to allow everyone to share their stories of struggle and the challenges they faced, I decided to share my own story.  I wanted women to understand that it doesn’t matter how healthy or fit you become, many still have to deal with the same issue as I did….CELLULITE!

So, now that I am turning 54, I have finally reconciled with the fact that I will always have it.  I wear clothes accordingly and realize that everyone should showcase their strong points and the things we do love about ourselves.  It is time to NOT focus on our flaws or shortcomings but to celebrate our bodies, embrace our imperfections and realize we are all unique spiritual beings!  What is truly important is just being the best that we can be!

I sincerely hope that sharing my story will help anyone that struggles with this issue.  I also hope it deters you from spending all the money and making the mistakes I did.  Don’t get me wrong, you can improve the appearance by toning your muscles, adding in sprints and jump roping, drinking lots of water and eating fresh fruits and veggies.  You also need to cut out sugar, processed foods, fried foods and starchy carbs.  Lastly, try using a self tanner.  Everything looks better with a tan right?

In closing, I want to encourage all women to accept their bodies and to love yourself just as you are.  Instead of trying to reach these unrealistic goals to be so called “perfect”, strive instead to be healthy, to increase your endurance and strengthen your muscles, your heart and lungs and to be the best YOU that you can be.


Have a fantastic day and CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!